Gondar Region, Ethiopia

The Jedidiah/Nika funds will be put towards a four-village project in Ethiopia, through the Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC). They will be pairing our combined contribution with that of Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego (JCF). This project enables critical and sustainable change through one-time investments. The target areas of the project, like most Nika involvement, is holistic: Water, Education, Sanitation, and Health. By November 2012, all the funds should be collected and the projects identified. Work will commence, with a completion goal of September 2013.

The village chair has shared the tremendous impact previous projects like this have had on the region, by explaining that previously, girls had to walk for hours each day to get to the school-if they could even make it at all-and some were being attacked and raped. Women reported that before such aid, they often walked 2.5 hours, twice a day, to collect water. Many while carrying children and infants.

With the help of Nika’s funding from our 2012 brand collaboration with Jedidiah Clothing, four major elements of this project will help enable communities in this region of Ethiopia to sustainably pull themselves towards a better future and away from the poverty cycle. With a focus on water and education, four villages with extremely low water coverage will be selected to receive one well and one school house each, within half the distance that students are currently walking. Education provided will include water and sanitation awareness and maintenance training for the projects. Latrines, water spigots, and hand washing stations will also be constructed.

Last, five students will be chosen to receive $5,000 scholarships each. This amount will provide four years of study, including registration and tuition fees, study materials, monthly allowance, and clothing expenses.