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For over twenty years Northern Uganda has been under attack from the LRA Rebels who have systematically destroyed villages, killed adults and abducted children. The children, as early as six years old, are used as sex slaves and child soldiers, forced to kill or be killed.  Over 2 million people have been displaced in Northern Uganda.

Thankfully, two organizations; Village of Hope and Living Water – - are doing something about the millions of people who have been displaced and orphaned.  Village of Hope is focused on building villages (communities) of “hope” for orphans and widows where these refugees can live with their remaining family members in safety, go to school and learn how to help themselves and by extension their communities.   Each village provides these individuals with the basics of life: food, shelter, safety, education, skill training, love and hope.   

Village of Hope has purchased over 100 acres to build this village of “hope.”  To anchor the village, construction of a water well is paramount.  The organization responsible for building the well, Living Water (LWI), is a leading provider of participatory, community-based water solutions in developing nations.  In its 16-year history, LWI has completed nearly 6,500 community water projects in 25 countries, which provide safe, clean water to 9.5 million people every day. 

NIKA is partnering with Village of Hope to help finance and build the water well.  By funding $10,000 towards the building of a water well, NIKA will help provide water for over 300 orphans and the surrounding community.  The local village leader is very excited to finally have clean water as his wife has been traveling more than four miles every day to get water, and what’s worse is the pond that she gets the water from is GREEN!  

The photos are the property of Living Water and Esther Havens and were taken as part of a well that was installed by Living Water in Rwanda.  If you would like to see the anatomy of a water project please visit the following link:  Anatomy of a Water Project.

The Rwanda well will be similar to the well that Village of Hope, Living Water and NIKA are installing in Bweyale, Uganda.  We will update the web site with those photos as the well takes place.