The Nika team is a colorful family of passionate doers. We are a group that comes from different backgrounds, interests and corners of the world but unite under the greater goal of ending world poverty. From students to seasoned CEOs, we leverage the unique skills and passions of all our team members to create a better world.

As we approach the five-year anniversary of Nika, we would like to announce that we are evolving our offerings and transitioning from a bottled water product to a cause based brand committed to creating new products that give back.

In our short existence, we created a unique business model of donating profits from the sales of an everyday, low-cost, widely accepted and used product of bottled water. Through our grassroots marketing, online presence, and countless brand/product partnerships, we were able to raise awareness on the World Water Crisis and positively influenced the lives of over 26,000 people. Moving forward, the Nika name and mission will continue to shed light on global issues and forge on in our fight to repair the world. We will continue to engage our communities’ consumers in giving back and will utilize our massive reach and identity to create new ideas for different products, campaigns and other fundraising efforts. We appreciate all that have come along for the ride thus far and are so grateful for all of the support we have received. We will continue to promote conscious consumerism and the constant ability to give back and are excited about this new wave that Nika is taking!